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Terminating the Backup-Connect agreement

If you want to terminate your backup subscription you can do so in accordance with the procedure described below:

Notice period
Your agreement has a minimum contract duration of 12 months. The expiry date of your agreement is stated on the agreement. A notice period of at least 1 calendar month prior to the expiry date of the agreement applies. If the cancellation is not sent 1 calendar month prior to the expiry of the agreement, the agreement will be automatically renewed for another 12 months. 

Procedure for giving notice
Because your data is important Backup-Connect only accepts cancellations sent in writing by an authorised representative of the organisation. This is to prevent the incorrect erasure of your backup data. It is therefore not possible to cancel by email or by fax.

We recommend you use the letter below to cancel your agreement:

Cancellation letter Backup-Connect for UK, Belgium and The Netherlands

Cancellation letter Backup-Connect for Latin America

Cancellation letter Backup-Connect for Canada

We would very much appreciate it if you clearly specify your reasons for the cancellation. In this way we can continue to improve our services.


Your cancellation is final on the date you send the cancellation by registered post with confirmation of receipt or, if you use regular mail, when you receive confirmation of cancellation from Backup-Connect. Backup-Connect always sends confirmation of your cancellation by mail. If you do not receive this within 14 days please contact the Backup-Connect administrative department.

Erasing your data
Your backup ceases to be accessible with effect from the day after your agreement is terminated. The day after the expiry date the data is erased from the Backup-Connect servers and is thus no longer accessible.

If you have sent a cancellation but have decided you wish to continue the backup subscription, you can notify Backup-Connect of this until the date of the termination.  

We request that after the agreement has been terminated you erase the Backup-Connect Online Backup Manager from your system.  

Thank you
We thank you for the trust placed in us and hope to be able to welcome you again as a customer in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.